Tiarnie Coupland

Tiarnie Coupland's screen career began at the tender age of 8. Since that time, Tiarnie has appeared in numerous films, TV series, short films, TVC's and theatre productions around the globe.

Known for her first regular television lead role as Maddy Kent in the ABC & CBBC global hit Children's TV series, Worst Year of my Life, Again! Most recently, Tiarnie played bona fide wild child, Maggie in the Logie award winning TV show Love Child. A kid who has been emotionally neglected and is deeply mistrusting of adults. She's a smart, manipulative ball of energy. Tiarnie is nominated in the 2017 Logie Awards for 'Best New Talent' for her role as Maggie in Love Child season 3 for the Nine Network.

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With her hazel eyes, brown hair and perfect rosebud pout, there is something of a baby-faced Emily Ratajkowski about Coupland. She can look both sultry and girl-next-door, but is regularly cast as the wild child.

Whether throwing punches at Olympia Valance in Neighbours or playing a teenage mother in Love Child. Coupland says she's very different in real life. "I'm kind of like the funny one and I'm kind of shy when I meet someone. Once you get to know me, all my quirks come out," she says, smiling.

"I seem to get cast as the tough girl who has a wild-child character, which is not me at all! I'm very much to the rules. I get to do all these crazy things I would never do in real life in a safe space – I'm living out my rebellious side on set."

— Cosima Marriner, The Sun Herald Sunday Life

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